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What is a Business Improvement District?

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Place Marketing

What is a bid
So you’ve heard about the real5 Digital Rockstars talking about working with Warrington and Northwich BIDs! And what is a BID? We hear you cry, BIDs or Business Improvement Districts are the perfect way for businesses and commercial property owners to do just that!

With funds from a BID ‘levy’, members get involved in deciding which projects should be invested in and how best they can enhance their surroundings.

Enjoy clean streets, attractive sidewalks, and public spaces all designed with the economic vitality of your district in mind.

Now you know what a BID is, let’s talk about what we do to help them reach their goals…

What are the benefits of working with a marketing content agency for BIDs?

Working with BIDs can be hugely beneficial for businesses! Our agency knows this from experience – we’ve worked closely alongside BID project managers in several towns and cities. These professionals are like superheroes who bridge the gap between corporate entities & local areas, helping to create mutually prosperous relationships that benefit everyone involved. We’re certain it’s worth investing in these partnerships – here are our top reasons why!

More hands make less work – each area can have so many businesses to get around and work with, that having an agency like real5 Digital on the ground with you means you can cover more ground and market so much more of your area!

Variety is the spice of life – our Rockstars are like a band, we’ve all got our own talents and working together with our BID clients is like a number one hit featuring Taylor Swift and Harry Styles! It’s mind blowing. We’ve got all the skills we need to market all the businesses within the BID area
Marketing requires experts – Let us do what we do best! Our expertise is in making things sing on social media (sometimes, literally) but this is our bread and butter. So we can give you the support you need to be an excellent BID manager while we handle the marketing.

If we haven’t convinced you here, you’re welcome to give us a call so we can tell you more reasons why we’re the right choice for you and your BID project… Oh and we have a Placemaking podcast – but you don’t want to hear about that – do you?