The Warrington Bid

In June, we were approached by the Warrington BID to run a  10-week social campaign for COVID recovery. Our aim was to promote safety in the town and advertise the businesses that were reopening.

real Solution

Working collectively with TMW, a brand & design agency in Warrington, we  created the ‘Back To’ social campaign to bring a splash of colour, positivity, information and a message of safety and respect for others in the town centre.

real Results

During the 10-week social campaign we regularly posted town centre reopening phases, engaged with the local business community and posted inspiring photos and videos that attracted their audience. By doing this we were able to build trust and encourage people back into the town centre. This included at least one post a day on Facebook which allowed us to reach out to the everyday consumer. We also utilised Facebook Ads to maximise their reach and increase the effectiveness of our campaign.

Our personal highlight has been the famous umbrella post that has so far reached over 38,700 people and received over 7800 engagements!

Social Engagement is up

77% from 142 to 775

Social Reach is up

419% to 88.1k

We are Warrington now has 6200 followers which is an increase of 534 in the past 28 days. The Centre for Cities released statistics at the end of June which positioned Warrington as having the highest increase in footfall since the lockdown was released and non-essential retail began to reopen.

Warrington Bid Coordinator

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