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Summer and Social Media

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Digital Rockstars

Summer and Social Media

Ah, summer! The season of sunshine, beaches, and endless fun.. we hope.. although at the moment, with this weather, it’s looking more like sofa and films.

As much as we all love summer, it can and often does have an impact on social media engagement. With warm weather, comes less engagement, the number of people spending time online dwindles, making it more challenging for businesses to get their content noticed. More sun + time off work / school = more fun outside without devices connected to the internet. 

However, all hope is not lost! 

There are ways in which you can still reach your audience and keep them engaged during this season. And because we love you, we’re going to take you through a few tips and tricks you can do to offset this change in your audience’s behaviour!

An interesting fact is that bad weather actually increases social media engagement! That’s right, whether it’s a miserable summer day or a cold winter day, engagement rates go up. So, if you find yourself facing a rainy summer day, take advantage of it and post content that will engage your audience. Social media is a great tool to gauge how your potential audience / customers are feeling and utilise it to your advantage with your content. The correlation between the weather and engagement is predictable, even though British Summer Time is far from, keeping your content flexible and parallel with what is happening in the great outdoors will benefit your engagement results. This applies to live posts, planned posts and even scheduled posts. Be ready to change things up depending on the British Meteorological Office.

While scheduling content is an effective way of keeping on top of your social media management, it’s important to tweak your posting schedules to suit your audience’s behaviour. While your usual posting times can still be effective during the summer, it’s worth testing if pushing your evening posts to later in the day, around 6 pm-9 pm, helps increase engagement. This way, you’re likely to catch your audience after they have arrived home post-outdoor activities and have sat down ready to unwind for the day. This small change could make a big difference in engagement.

While engagement may dip during the summer months, increasing the number of posts could actually drive growth during slow months. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and test some new ideas. Join in on conversations that are already happening and use trending cultural moments or viral memes as a starting off point to post. Being quick to join in a conversation or jumping on a trend early can see your engagement soar! You could even use this time to introduce a new platform… Threads, anyone?

So, it’s safe to say summer may have a slight impact on social media engagement, but it’s nothing to worry about. Tweak your posting schedule, leverage bad weather, keep an eye on your audience and up your posting to keep them engaged. 

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