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The town boasts of scenic views, rich culture, friendly people, and a sense of community that is hard to find elsewhere. We have teamed up with Northwich BID to enhance the charm of the town through placemaking and showcasing the fantastic elements to Northwich and the local businesses.

Placemaking is a unique approach to the planning, design, and management of public spaces. It involves creating spaces that promote community engagement, revitalisation, and social interaction.

real5 Digital is committed to creating engaging placemaking content that resonates with the local community. In collaboration with Northwich businesses, we guarantee boots on the ground – 2 hours a week. Producing fun, informative and unique content that showcases Northwich’s attractions and amenities.

Whether it’s through captions, short-form video (30 secs) or photos, our team ensures that Northwich’s online presence is vibrant and engaging.

Through this approach, the team has succeeded in encouraging the local community to actively interact with Visit Northwich’s online platforms, further promoting Northwich and its annual events such as the Pina Colada Festival and Christmas Extravaganza.

We don’t just stop at creating great social media content for Visit Northwich. We also craft Email Marketing campaigns and Website Blogs to drive traffic to the Visit Northwich website.

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We are absolutely delighted that Visit Northwich’s Facebook page has attracted 13,000 followers and had an incredible reach of 2.55 million people over the past year! Even better, those followers have been highly engaged – with 46,088 interactions through likes, comments and shares – what a fantastic response to our content!

The Visit Northwich Instagram has seen tremendous success! With over 4,000 devoted followers and 246,770 people reached – we’re seeing that their content is resonating with the audience. It’s exciting to witness these engagement levels continue thriving on social media platforms like Instagram.

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We’re particularly proud of our ongoing partnership with real5, who has been working with us for over 12 months now.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining this positive growth on Facebook and delivering valuable content that resonates with our followers, promoting Northwich and supporting local businesses.

Adam Gerrard
Northwich BID Manager

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