“Amazing! I had zero social media game and was mega cheesy with my posts but real5 turned that around.”

Ashley Platt

Jobfinity, a specialist in outsourced Bookkeeping, Business, and Accountancy Services, partnered with us to amplify its brand presence on social media platforms.

Understanding the importance of close collaboration, we used Jobfinity’s team’s knowledge and experiences to create compelling B2B-driven content.

The Challenge

Despite their industry expertise, Jobfinity sought our help to leverage their brand value on digital platforms – a necessity to stand out in the highly competitive marketplace. They needed to reach a broader audience, increase their visibility, and seek potential business opportunities.

real Solution

We recognised that the key to achieving their objectives was to build a new user friendly WordPress website, create relevant content that authentically represented their services and industry expertise and share this with their prospective customers.

The Results

Our passion for boosting Jobfinity’s online presence has yielded exceptional results.

In 2022, we reached 446,275 people and made 541,539 impressions, gaining 873 new followers on their social media platforms. This marked an astounding increase of 8523.6% in reach and 8763.1% in impressions.

Our successful endeavour has helped spread Jobfinity’s brand message to a broader audience and fuelled the exponential rise in the brand’s visibility and potential business opportunities.

The Partnership

Working with Jobfinity allowed us to delve into the intricate areas of the Bookkeeping and Accountancy industry. We understood their unique challenges and customised solutions to fit their needs perfectly.

We are more than just a service provider to the Jobfinity team; we are trusting and reliable partners who support and aid their digital marketing needs.

From bolstering the brand’s presence to creating dynamic business opportunities, our collaboration with Jobfinity is a testament to our commitment to tailoring effective and innovative digital marketing strategies to our client’s needs.

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