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by | Oct 12, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Rockstars

Meet our latest addition to the real5 Digital team, Liv our new Digital Marketing Assistant. After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in fashion (which has definitely inspired us around the office), Liv has demonstrated her creativity in our office, and it’s safe to say we’re extremely pleased with her work.

So, over to Liv to find out more about her new role what she’s going to get up to at real5 Digital…

What did you study at University and why?

I studied Fashion Art Direction at Manchester Fashion Institute. I knew I wanted to complete a fashion degree but wasn’t sure which sector of the industry to focus on. So, I chose Fashion Art Direction due to its multi-disciplinary nature. Just by looking at real5 Digital’s Instagram page, it was clear to me that I could test different specialisms to find what I was most passionate about.

By being encouraged to network and collaborate throughout the duration of the course, my confidence improved, and I have also developed a range of digital skills and knowledge on how we can utilise social media to share content and engage audiences.

Why are you passionate about digital marketing?

I consider myself a creative person and this industry allow me to use my creativity to my full potential. Also, every day is different, and I constantly have to come up with new ideas for content which is exciting and so rewarding. Furthermore, it is an ever-expanding industry, I find it fascinating how even the smallest business can expand globally just by establishing an online presence. I believe that the power of digital marketing can be life-changing. I also like having a sense of responsibility when it comes to working with clients because it pushes you to put 100% into everything you do.

What are you excited about?

I really enjoy working within social media; creating content, creative writing and helping businesses grow. I am really excited about developing my skills within this sector and seeing where it will take me in the future. I love working in an all-girl environment, although I’ve only been part of the team for a month, I’ve been made to feel so welcome and have already gained so many skills from the training I’ve been provided with. I used to spend so much time on social media mindlessly scrolling, however now I see it as a tool that has so many benefits.

What are your goals for 2022?

Now that I’m a graduate my main goal for 2022 is to grow within my digital marketing career. I am ready to continue in-depth learning growing my skills, whilst carrying on with freelance photography on top of this.

Liv’s advice

My advice to anyone wanting to start a career in Digital Marketing is just to go for it! I have had no previous work experience in marketing, however, studying a creative course at university and growing my own social media accounts has provided me with enough experience to get started. There are also so many free online resources such as Google Digital Garage which will provide you with the basics if you still feel unsure! I am so happy that I’ve started working with real5 Digital.

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