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Latest Social Media Platform Updates – January 2023

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Social media

If your social media presence needs freshening up, here’s what you should know!

📸Instagram wants to make sure that photos and videos are equally balanced – so no one gets bored.

📝LinkedIn has added a feature for their newsletters which makes them easier to find on users profiles.

🦉Twitter is rolling out an ‘Affiliates’ tab for each profile page

📍YouTube will let us tag locations when making Shorts videos just like we do with TikTok now.

🦸🏼‍♂️ Instagram have unleashed Superhero Mode giving us Quiet Mode plus filtering options – get ready Set Go!!

✅ YouTube – now you can get a clearer picture of policy breaches, like where the naughty bit happened in your video!

🤣 LinkedIn – they want everyone to be on board with their reaction selection so watch out if some are missing.

🫣 Twitter – whaaat? A double-duty feed AND it swipes?! It’s all happening over there lately!

👯‍♀️ Discord and Gas joining forces – what an unexpected but brilliant mashup: facemash meets top secret compliments polls… slick move guys.

🪄 Twitter keeping up appearances with their spelling mistake search feature upgrade, we’re sure that one will come in handy for us grammar ninjas (just don’t let our boss know!).

💬 Instagram is getting ready to take chat groups up a notch! Soon users will be able to create Social Channels – think of them as exclusive clubs with limited spots for 250 people and Broadcast Channels which are open invitation, allowing 1M members. Sounds like Insta just turned the party scene into an all-night rave!