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How to grow on Instagram in 2023

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Digital Rockstars, Social media

Growing your Instagram profile in 2023 is no small task, but it can be done! To get started, you will need to develop a strategy that takes into account current trends and technologies. We’ve outlined the key steps for success on Instagram in 2023: 


  1. Start with Quality Content: Quality content is still king when it comes to growing an Instagram presence. Make sure each post has great visuals and engaging captions. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags. Post regularly (at least twice a day) and use Stories whenever possible to engage with followers more frequently. 


  1. Utilise Instagram Live: A big trend emerging this year is using live streaming tools such as IGTV or even Stories Live to interact more directly with your audience – giving them the opportunity to interact and ask questions in real-time! This direct connection creates trust between you and your followers which helps increase engagement over time.  


  1. Leverage Influencer Partnerships: Partnering strategically with influencers can be extremely effective for organic reach because their audiences already trust them, meaning they are likely interested in what they have to say about you or your products/services – regardless of how large their following may be! Reach out through Direct Messages or email depending on who you’d like to work with; just make sure their values align authentically with yours before investing any time and resources!  


  1. 4. Diversify Your Posts: Instead of keeping solely focused on one type of post (say product photos), mix it up by sharing customer testimonials, industry news & insights, event highlights – anything that will help build your brand story while also providing value-added content for viewers so they keep coming back again & again! 


  1. Seek Brand Collaborations With Others In Your Niche: Brands are continuing to find much success when entering collaborations within digital communities through things like partnerships or special offers and promotions made exclusively between two accounts – allowing both parties involved greater visibility among target audiences without costing either side too much money upfront. Compared to traditional advertising options out there right now, this is definitely one to explore. 


  1. Grow Strategically Through Ads: Finally, consider investing some budget into paid ads if at all possible because these campaigns allow you to fine-tune targeting based on people’s location, interests etc., which results often show up quicker than organically growing would so don’t completely discount this option until everything else has been exhausted first. 


Following these best practices should help position Instagram users for success in 2023. If you need help or even some advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll help you with your Instagram growth journey.