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Happy 1st birthday to us!

by | May 31, 2021 | Digital Rockstars

This time last year we decided to take the plunge and start real5 Digital, bearing in mind that we were only months into a worldwide pandemic and needed to support our salaries.

“Going self-employed is something I wanted to do for a long time but removing that comfort blanket of a regular salary was a scary thing and I always remember hearing the words; you won’t be able to do it! But when the risk of being made redundant and not being in control was an even bigger concern, the future became uncertain.

Then came Furlough, which was a blessing in disguise for everyone but it also gave a lot of people time to revaluate their lives and enjoy what really matters. I needed a healthy work and family life balance without the bad type of stress and politics. Even when you do have understanding bosses it still isn’t something that’s easy when working for someone else.

So, we must have been insane but no regrets and it’s safe to say it’s been a crazy (the good kind of crazy) ride since!

Self-employment for me means I can spend valuable time with my family and not miss out on Oscar growing up, I can pick and choose my hours, I wake up in the morning and feel excited about going to work. It also makes me proud when I look at our progress and the buzz when we deliver work to our clients. The responsibility is high but also rewarding, I want to set an example for all those who want to follow their own dreams.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of the real5ers and our Rockstars hard work, so a big thank you to everyone!” – Stacey Whitney (Digital Rockstar/Owner)

As a digital agency in Warrington, we have packed a lot of different things into one year but here are some of our key highlights…

Gaining together

Being part of the real5 network has been a huge help to our business. The support that we’ve gained through Andy Hibbert (co-owner) and the network has given us the opportunity to really get real5 Digital up and running.

Any service we needed was right at our fingertips and we could always turn to our fellow real5ers for collaborations, business advice and emotional support. Not only that, but we got to support the network by giving them tips on how to keep their business visible online throughout the pandemic.

Our clients

Where would we be without them? Through the real5 network, referrals and tenders, we’ve managed to grow our digital client base and we feel lucky to be working with various local businesses, a shopping centre, Dragon’s Den winner and BID district. PLUS, the best part is achieving rockstar digital results for them including:

⭐️ Website transformations that have led to increased web traffic

⭐️ Killer social media campaigns that have resulted in increased actions (messages/click-thoughts)

⭐️ Producing quality content which has led to higher engagement online and human-centric websites

⭐️ Local business exposure online, which has contributed towards increased football into the town centre

Warrington Bid

In June 2020, we ran the Warrington BID’s ‘Back To’ campaign with the aim of promoting safety in the town, advertising the businesses that are back open and instilling confidence in consumers who are looking to visit. We’ve since supported the Warrington Bid by delivering their social media management and digital campaigns.

Our highlight has been our famous umbrella post that reached over 38,300 people and received over 7800 engagements! We continue to provide monthly reports and have full access to insights. If we compare February – April 2021 to the previous year prior to us looking after the account, we’ve increased post reach by 76% and engagement by 122% on Facebook!

Golden Square Warrington

We’re proud to have started working with the Golden Square Shopping Centre as of April 2021, with a secured 3-year contract in place.

Our rockstar-touch includes running competitions, posting offers, creating a tone of voice, posting relatable & personable content, replying to messages/comments and keeping up with the latest trends & local news.

We’re only 2 months in but have already made a massive impact in the 1st month, increasing the reach by 973% and impressions by 2599% on Instagram.

We’re moving

Another reason to celebrate – the rockstars will be moving to the real5 HQ in Warrington.

It’s only round the corner, so we’re not going far but it does mean we now have plenty of room to grow and a new rocktastic board room, where we are hoping to have our client meetings, real5 one to ones and roundtable discussions.

Phew, as you can see, we’ve packed a lot into a year but there’s so much more to come!

Keep Smiling,
Stacey, Negin & Eve