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by | May 24, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Digital Rockstars

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Alex has had a chance to get stuck into all aspects of the business, from social media management, content creation, videography, and photography, to editing websites, he has tried it all.. After offering Alex a full-time position to join the team here at real5 Digital. We wanted to sit down with Alex to find out how he is getting on!

Where did your role start?

I initially entered real5 Digital with Stacey and the rest of the digital rockstars in a work placement position as part of the digital marketing course that I was carrying out at the St. Helens Chamber. After a few months of hard work and perseverance, along with lots of learning in a wide range of areas of digital marketing, I can happily say that I have completed the course and have since been offered a full-time role as a digital rockstar.

What is your role now?

I wouldn’t say that I have one role like you would do in most jobs, but I like it this way; it means I experience a wide range of techniques and learn new things every day. I may start my day by executing some social posts, but then I could be editing video content or meeting the client to discuss future ideas by the end of the day. I have also been tasked with checking and updating websites. This is something I will develop more on as I would like to build client websites in the future. I also have an interest in increasing the number of potential clients we have as well as broadening the range of services that we can offer to clients.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I can’t say that there has only been one thing that I have enjoyed the most as there have been lots and lots of things. Everyone around the office is so happy, and they are great to be around. Everyone helps each other, and there is always someone to lean on if you feel like you can’t do something or there is too much for you to do. There is a sense of family, and everyone looks after each other, from making a drink to just asking how your weekend has been; it is a great environment.

If I had to pick one moment I enjoyed the most, it would have to be when I was invited to go on the Christmas night out when I was only three weeks into my placement. It was a great night filled with lots of laughs and great company. Everyone who went looked after me and made sure that I felt included in their conversations, and recommended food and drinks at the places we visited.

What is something you have learnt along the way?

I would have to say learning how to use WordPress and the Divi builder has opened my eyes to a world that I never really considered before as I have always been more focused on photography and creating content. I have also learned that communication is critical; if we don’t communicate, it shows because we make small mistakes.

There you have it; that’s how Alex is getting on being a part of our rockstar team.

Here’s what Stacey has to say about Alex’s performance so far:

“Alex has impressed us so far; he is always willing to learn new skills and techniques and can pick things up quickly. Although he can sometimes work too fast, Alex is an excellent addition to the team and can see things differently. He is highly motivated to complete his tasks and will sometimes stay late to get them completed. Did I mention he makes a great brew?”

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