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About real5 Digital

We’re a team of digital rockstars, out of the box thinkers & social marketing butterflies.

Are you looking for ways to grow your business? 

It’s scary so many businesses fail but it’s obvious why: They don’t do things properly. When it comes to digital marketing you can easily throw money away. The wrong campaigns, the wrong keywords, the wrong strategy. Suddenly, your marketing budget has gone. At real5 Digital we put you back on the right stage. We know that your budget and your results are both separate and connected. We take your business’ growth seriously and only implement strategies and campaigns we’re confident will work

You’re asking questions like: 

  • How do I use SEO to find more customers?
  • What should I do on social media to increase sales?
  • Do I have time for content marketing?
  • Am I doing it right?
  • Who can help me with this?

Good news…You’ve come to the right place!


At real5 Digital we listen and provide solutions to your everyday marketing challenges, get in touch.


Our passion is creating great content and pushing your website & digital marketing to its limits. 


Long-term digital marketing results and stay away from ‘quick wins’ that don’t last. 

Our digital rockstars are ready to help you

Looking for results that scale your business? Want to focus on running your business? Our team understand what you want to achieve. Defining your digital marketing goals, focus on reach, engagement, and conversion, and develop strategies designed to convert leads into customers and keep them coming back for more. Our aim is to work with you to boost your business, and your brand, with the ultimate end goal of securing new clients. Through using digital marketing, we grow, build and retain your customer base through return-on-investment that enhances profitability.

Stacey was once described as a ‘key cog in the machine’ and we think that just about hits the nail on the head!

With an ambitious mind-set, an appetite to succeed and over 10 years expertise to back it up – Stacey is a triple threat and a force to be reckoned with.

Focused on measurable marketing metrics, website usability and a keen eye for design, her consistency in delivering projects to the clients’ specifications and on time is second to none.

She’s not our lead singer but she does deliver rockstar marketing & website support, helping to give the local economy a boost by collaborating with other businesses.

Super-skills: Business Development, Project Management, eCommerce, Front-end Website Development & Design, SEO Marketing and Facebook ads

Negin initially started her digital career as content writer…

But quickly found her way into the world of social media which allowed her to channel her creativity and work more closely with clients.

She has since sharpened her skills in email marketing, paid social advertising and account management, working closely with the Stacey to plan and deliver killer marketing strategies for our clients.

Super-skills: Networking, Copywriting, Facebook ads, LinkedIn Profiles, Account Management, Instagram

Eve is our Digital Marketing Apprentice!

As well as being a big Ariande Grande fan, Eve has a creative flair and loves writing content. She is currently being trained by Stacey, Negin and Apprentify to develop her skills in the digital marketing industry, so she can reach her full potential and provide a rockstar service to our clients.

Super-skills: Content writing, Networking, LinkedIn Profiles, Account Management, Instagram, TikTok

Andrea is the jewel between clients and our service areas!

She listens to feedback, finds new and improved ways of working and is great at building long-lasting relationships that ultimately deliver success. Her connections are diverse, valuable, and extensive; she is unquestionably our “woman in the know!”

Super-skills: Digital project management, client liaising, business growth, customer satisfaction, Networking.

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